Thursday, October 23, 2008

My turn to get tattooed!!

This is my new tattoo!! It's a portrait of Jim Morrison done by Dean at Sacred. We have another session or 2 until it's finished and I can't wait!!


Anonymous said...


kimberlee said...


your new tat looks amazing, now that is commitment!

Karla makes art said...

Hey anonymous, you can't even see my feet in this photo!!! and besides it's a genetic disorder that everyone in my family has and quite frankly I don't want to talk about it!

P.S thanks Kimberlee!!

Diz said...

Hey Karla
Your new ink is awesome! You did my koru wrist tattoo.. You were talking about your Jim Morrison creation then, so cool to see it in the flesh!! Well done on hitting 30, i did it 7 years ago and it was the beginning of the most amazing part of my life, enjoy!! Ps: How's your cat?!! ;-)


Karla makes art said...

Hey Diz!

Thanks heaps! It was quite scary but I think I'm dealing with it pretty well...And my cat is doing good, although he has put on a ton of weight due to the special diet he is on to prevent him getting more kidney stones! It's a catch 22!! Hope you are well!