Monday, July 28, 2008

Purses,hairclips,magnets, keyrings....

Oh my goodness! So my friend City and I (she is the nz cupcake queen check out her blog in my links) decided that we really needed a regular craft event so thought "hey why don't we start our own!" So we have! It's called Kraftbomb-it's an explosion of crafty goodness!! So I have been furiously sewing things to have ready for the first Kraftbomb! I have been making purses, hairclips, magnets, keyrings, lil geeks and squeekers on top of making some geeks for the Plush It and Plush You plushy shows coming up real soon AND tattooing people....oh my goodness....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My foggy morning!

I absolutely love foggy mornings! I become like a little kid on xmas morning! As soon as I wake up and see that it's foggy I start yelling out "It's foggy, it's really really foggy, babe come look outside (imagine angry sleeping husband trying to get just that little bit of extra sleep) it's foggy!!!!!!"
And skipping usually ensues! And I ALWAYS run outside and take photos, so here are some from this morning!!