Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cover-up! UPDATE!!

So I had A guy named James come into work with a tattoo that was unfinished and he was really unhappy with it, it was a cover-up, so he asked if I could finish it off and make it look kick-ass! Basically I would need to do a fix-up of a cover-up!! Here is the tattoo before...

And here is the tattoo after the first session, I have reworked the head and shoulder and will post up more pics as we do the work!!

So we just had our second session, we are getting through it slowly as it starts getting pretty confusing and jumbled for me trying to follow the right lines and make sure the colour distribution is not to obviously a cover up. I am determined to make sure James ends up with a tattoo he is proud of!

And here is a pic of us half way through our session


Mukpuddy said...

Dunno if the photo does it justice. You did an awesome job on it babe, can't wait to see it finished!!

Ally Beeba and the 40 Steves

kimberlee said...

its coming along. I like all the colours you are adding, very painterly.

I had a dream I had tattoos up and down my legs, and I didn't like them. so its funny seeing your post about the cover up job, I most definitely needed that in my dream!